branding | packaging | illustration | copywriting

This brand identity for a fictional gastropub called This & That is named from the premise of heading to the farmers market, grabbing a bit of this and a bit of that, and finding ways to make use of what’s in season. To differentiate from competitors in the gastropub space that tend to go for a more vintage look and feel, This & That’s brand is bright, modern, and fun. The colors reflect the dichotomy of the name, with opposite colors representing the contradictory yet complimentary traits of the business.

Carrying the brand are sets of illustrations meant to signify two sides of the same story- two different perspectives on the world that combine to be greater than the sum of their parts. The typographic logo is simple and bold so when combined with other brand elements, there will always be contrast. The ampersand is used liberally throughout the copy, and the close set paragraphs of all caps type create typographic texture that adds to the overall composition.




branding | packaging | illustration

Devilish HeatWorks is a spicy condiment company with a commitment to quality ingredients and bold flavors. Drawing inspiration from vintage cartoons, illustrated mascots are used to personify the flavors of the different condiments and unify all the products to a single playful world.


branding | packaging | custom typography

Brewtal Coffee Co. is a coffee brand with the goal of providing individual servings of high quality, ethically sourced instant coffee to the anti-morning person. For this organic, sustainably and ethically sourced coffee brand, standing out on the shelves amongst competitors with softer color palettes is crucial. In addition, the bold colors serve to wake up groggy users and provide clear instruction for product use.




branding | logo design 

This project is a rebrand for Gifford Pinchot Campground and State Park. Pulling from the timeless appeal of getting out into nature and the long-established campground, the vintage-inspired branding system is intended to appeal to all ages and stand out from competitors.

The red and gold primary colors would complement and be easily seen against the green natural backdrop of the forest, and the emblem style logo with distressed texture envokes memories of boy or girl scout patches.