poster design | typography

Concerto For Orchestra: This poster for a symphony performance of Bela Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra is intended to convey the large amount of contrast between movements, with an overall “structured chaos” to it. Differences in scale, color, and typographic style help to convey the feeling one has when listening to the movement.

Eero Saarinen: This poster for a lecture series by architectural icon Eeero Saarinen makes use of one of his most iconic pieces along with his name in bright capital letters to make a statement and call attention to the event.

The Front Bottoms: This hypothetical gig poster is inspired by 1950’s housewife imagery and vintage advertising.

Gatsby Book Cover: A modern, minimal treatment with symbolic imagery was the approach to redesign this classic book cover. An empty martini glass signifies both the distortion of Gatsby’s life as percieved by those around him, and the hollow personalities of the upper class that is one of the main themes of the novel.

Bembo: This poster showcases the font Bembo as well as provide information about when it ewas created, by whom, and why. :


print | publication

This large format book covers some of Warhol’s most iconic work throughout his life. Centering on the themes of mass production, Hollywood celebrity and religion through Warhol’s eyes, this collection also serves to examine the relationships and combinations of these 3 main concepts. Dynamic layouts put imagery first with plenty of breathing room for informational copy.

Screw post binding, 11 by 17 inches.  


screenprinting | linocut 

A series of handmade prints surrounding various themes, often with a focus of natural subject matter.



publication | typography | branding

Elephant in the Room is a bimonthly publication covering art, music, and skate culture. Each issue is united by a single theme; featuring experimental spread layouts catering to a young adult audience.