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Food For Thought is a fictional mobile exhibit intended to inform viewers of all ages of the facts regarding sustainability and the food we eat. The wooden panels open up to reveal informative panels that educate the viewer on topics such as how your groceries are produced, where they are sourced, and disposed of, all from an environmental point of view. The graphics of the exhibit are meant to appeal to all ages, with a vintage rubber-hose inspired mascot leading audiences through the information displayed.

Elements inside the exhibit are meant to be displayed suspended from the top panel to create an experience with depth and interactivity. The centerpiece is an ingredient-by-ingredient breakdown of a 3D-printed burger, with descriptions listing local food producers.



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This project is a monument for a local place that could be considered “sacred”, in this case, the “Cats Are Not Homeless” Cat Park in Mantua. A homeowner there catches, neuters, and cares for the many stray cats in the area, giving them shelter and easy access to food and veterinary care. 

The continuous yellow line on the marker is slightly raised from the surface, offering low-vision and blind users a tactile experience as they listen to the audio tour.

The cat illustrations on the marker were created using handcarved stamps meant to compliment the area’s DIY quality.